Dr Paul Tinari NASA Talk April 2009JOOM Cover 1

Dr. Paul D. Tinari


I believe that we live in an abundant universe, not in a universe of scarcity. Individuals must learn to use their faculty of reason to learn how to tap this unlimited universal abundance.

I believe that we do not see the universe the way it is, we see it the way that we are.

I believe that the universe does not underpay or overpay anyone – if you want more money you have the power to make it happen.

I believe that it is not death that a person should fear, but they should fear never beginning to live

I believe that the most important thing is not what happens to a person, but what a person does with what happens to them.

I believe that what a person thinks and vividly believes will ultimately come to pass

I believe that when a person says that they cannot do something, that they are telling the truth

I believe that all obstacles in life can be overcome given enough human will and determination.

I believe that to live, work, play and love with passion is the essence of a happy and prosperous life

I believe that fear is the greatest obstacle to tapping universal abundance

I believe that you can get everything that you want in life if you are willing to work with others as long as necessary to allow them to reach their goals.

I believe that the quality of our life depends on the quality of the questions that we pose.

I believe that creative thinking is a skill that can be learned and mastered

I believe that an individual can choose to adapt to any circumstance and to turn it to their advantage.

I believe that in general, if you do what everyone else is doing then you will get what everyone else is getting so if you are willing to do what others are not, then you will eventually have what they do not.

I believe that the more you give, the more you get

I believe that the more you take without justification, the less you have

I believe that words cannot express what words cannot express

I believe that you can learn how to be successful by learning from successful people

I believe that the greatest investment that an individual can make is to make an investment in themselves

I believe that the greatest sources of income are diversified sources of on-going residual income.

I believe in reason and that happiness is the moral purpose of life, with productive achievement as the noblest activity.

I believe that reality exists as an objective absolute – facts are facts, independent of our feelings, wishes, hopes & fears.

I believe that reason, the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by the senses, is a person’s only means of perceiving reality, the only source of knowledge, the only guide to action, and the basic means of survival.

I believe that every person is an end in themselves, not a means to the ends of others.  The pursuit of one’s own rational self-interest and of one’s personal happiness is the highest moral purpose in life.