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In the 21st century you will not be judged according to what your know, but according to what you can create.  Hence, it has never been so important for individuals to develop creative thinking skills.  Contrary to popular belief, Creative Thinking is a SKILL that can be developed through careful training.  The problem is finding the best sources for this vital training.

Dr. Paul Tinari is a leading authority on the development of creative thinking skills.  Carrying on with the groundbreaking work of Edward de Bono with many highly valuable original contributions to the field of his own, for more than 25 years he has helped thousands of senior decision makers in Fortune 500 corporations to significantly enhance their creative thinking and decision–making skills.

Dr. Tinari is the author of the book “Boxing Outside the Think” the most comprehensive and original contributions to the field of creative thinking.  Everything that individuals and organizations need to know about how to improve their creative thinking skills and innovative capabilities can be found in this book.

Dr. Tinari is available to deliver outstanding creative thinking development courses to your organization, or he can develop one-on-one custom designed coaching sessions for individuals.

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Like it or not, constant change is the universal reality of our world.  Organizations that are aware of the major trends that will be impacting their business models will be better able to prepare and adapt to the coming changes and will be able to prosper in the new business environment that will prove toxic to less well informed competitors.

As a professional Futurist, Dr. Tinari has been helping organizations reinvent themselves to prepare for the future for over 20 years.  He can work with your senior decision makers to identify the major trends that are or that will soon be impacting your industry and can then help you to specify the ways in which your business model should evolve to better meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Dr. Tinari is the author of the thought provoking new book “The JOOM Destiny” the first book to examine in detail the long-term impacts that 3D Printing and related technologies will have on organizations and on society. Those who choose to ignore these major trends will be blindsided by the massive broad spectrum changes that will be catalyzed by these rapidly evolving technologies.

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To Schedule Your No Obligation, Complimentary, 30-Minute Consultation Directly With Creative Thinking Guru Dr. Tinari Call/Text:Tel: 604-760-5088


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Dr. Tinari's New Book on the Future Impacts of 3D Printing on Society

Dr. Tinari’s New Book on the Future Impacts of 3D Printing on Society


Writing and publishing YOUR book is one of the best ways of differentiating yourself from your competition, identifying and strengthening your brand and generating lots of free publicity. YOUR book can become a massive lead-generating tool that will help you secure new business opportunities such as new speaking, coaching and consulting clients.

 Dr. Paul Tinari is an internationally known professional speaker, author, consultant and coach who has guided many authors through the process of developing, writing, editing and publishing a best-selling book.  You will be guided through the entire process by an experienced mentor using one-on-one coaching calls, unlimited email and text access and simple step-by-step procedures.

Dr. Tinari is the author of many books and articles including “The JOOM Destiny” that is the first book to examine the long term impacts that 3D printing and related technologies will have on individuals and society; “Boxing Outside the Think” that is the most comprehensive bible of creative thinking, and “Understanding Systems Thinking” which presents the newest ideas on the application of systems thinking concepts to optimizing organizational performance.

Dr. Tinari will assist you with some or all of the following vital steps to producing a successful book:

  • Developing a Theme
  • Title, Subtitle, Tagline
  • Table of Contents
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Repurposing Content
  • Book Release Party
  • Printing
  • E-Book
  • Audio Book
  • Best-Seller Status
  • Proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Pricing & Barcodes
  • Foreign Rights
  • Multi-Incomes
  • Selling Rights
  • ISBM
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Working With the Media
To Schedule Your No Obligation, Complimentary, 30-Minute Consultation Directly With Leading Futurist Guru Dr. Tinari Call/Text:604-760-5088Email: tinarip@yahoo.comDr.PaulTinari_author (1)  Banner -4