Speaking Experience

Dr. Paul D. Tinari Ph.D., M.Ed., P.Eng.


Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC, Aug 13, 2014, “How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Our World” Presentation as part of the “Material Matters” distinguished speakers series

World Future Society Conference, Orlando, July 11, 2014, “Impacts the 3D Printing and Related Technologies Will Have on Society,”  Preconference course

World Future Society Conference, Chicago, July 19, 2013, “Introduction to 3D Printing, Scanning and Modeling for Futurists,”  Preconference course

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, November 26, 2013, “Trends & Impacts of 3D Printing,” Open lecture delivered to students & staff.

World Future Society Conference, Vancouver, July 2011, “The Future of India,” and “Impacts that Social Media Will Have on Indian National Development.”

NASA Langley, VA, April 2009, “The Future of Virtual Worlds and Applications to the US Space Program.”

World Future Society Conference, Chicago, July 2009, “Systems Thinking and Organizational Creativity,” “Future of Haptics,”  “Future of the Nation’s Infrastructure,”  “The Future of China.”

World Future Society Conference, Washington DC, July 2008, “Introduction to Forecasting,” “The Future of Virtual Worlds.

Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, December 2007, “Applications of Systems Thinking to Future Military Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence.” Newport, RI.

World Future Society Conference, Minneapolis, July 2007, “Advanced Systems Thinking,” “Future of the Earths Water, ”  “Future of RFID.

World Future Society Conference, Toronto, ON, July 2006, “Intro to Systems Thinking,” “Future Technologies against Terror”, “Future Housing for the 21st century.”

Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, October 2005, “The Convergence of New Brain Enhancement, Nanotechnology, Wireless and 3D Printing Technologies for Enhancing Combat Preparedness.”  Newport, RI.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, May 2005, “Integrated Design Workshop – Green Housing,”  Yellowknife, NWT.

World Future Society Conference, Washington DC, July 2004, “Advanced Systems Thinking for Professionals”, “The Future of the Earth’s Water”, The Future of the University”

World Future Society Conference, Mexico City, November, 2003, “Future Impacts of the Human Genome Project on Mexico”

World Future Society Conference, San Francisco, July, 2003, “Introduction to Systems Thinking for Professionals”

British Columbia Business Educational Association, April 2002, “The Future of Business Technologies in the 21st Century,” Conference held in Vancouver, BC.

World Future Society Conference, Philadelphia, July, 2002, “Future Impacts of the Human Genome Project”, “Future Trends in Nano-technology”, “Future Trends in Alternate Energy Technology”.

Goepel-McDermid Conference on Leading Canadian Manufacturers in Alternate Energy, November 27, 2000, “Future Trends in Alternate Energy“, Toronto, Ontario.

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Applied Science, November 22, 2000, “Future Trends in Engineering“, U.B.C., British Columbia

Solid Waste Council of Victoria, November 17, 2000, “Future Trends in Waste Management,” Victoria, British Columbia

Coquitlam School Board, Harbour View School, May 15, 2000, “Teaching Creative Thinking Skills in the Classroom“, Coquitlam, B.C.

Solid Waste Federation of British Columbia, April 14, 2000, “Future Trends in Solid Waste Management“, Vancouver, B.C.

Seminar on the Future of Manufacturing, March 23, 2000, “The Future of Pulp & Paper Mills“, Edmonton, Alberta

Minerva Seminar, April 6, 2000, “Creative Thinking Skills for Senior Citizens“, Edmonton, Alberta

B.C. Business Education Association, February 18, 2000, Vancouver, BC,  1) Morning: “Future Trends in E-Commerce”  2) Afternoon “Future Trends in Education”

Association of Professional Engineers & Geo-scientists of BC, January 20, 2000, Keynote Speaker at the AGM, “Future Trends in the Engineering Profession”, Vancouver, BC

Presentation to Employees of the Government of Alberta, January 4, 2000, “The Future of the Professions and the Creativity Imperative”, Edmonton, Alberta

Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia, October 16, 1998, “The Future of the Corporation”

Faculty of Applied Science, University of British Columbia, October 30, 1997,” Future Shock & the Professional

Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of B.C., Sept. 1997, Invited Keynote Speaker at Annual Conference: “The Future of Engineering

Faculty of Commerce & Business Admin. , University of British Columbia, May 15, 1997,” Creative Thinking for Senior Business Executives

Canadian Society of Association Executives, June 10, 1997,” The Future of the Professions

Surrey Chamber of Commerce, October 16, 1996,” Leading Edge Environmental Technologies for Site Remediation

The Conference Board of Canada, May 1996,” Creativity, Innovation and the 21st Century Professional

The Greater Vancouver Regional District, March 1995,” The Use of Third-Generation Biofilters for Odour Control in Urban Areas”